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"RegenU 3, a bio-energetic technology that after the first session helped me to sleep for 12 deep hours, this is saying a lot, since I typically sleep 4-6 hours at the most! After nearly three decades working in the field of Integrative Cancer Therapies, devices have come and gone BUT this one is here to stay! I recommend it to clinics, practitioners and patients alike…easy to use yet powerful in its ability to get to the root cause of dis-ease.."

Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D., N.D.
Chief Medical Officer/Founder |

"I have been using the RegenU3 device in my private practice over the past two years. I am the owner of Pure Zen Wellness, an acupuncture and integrative medicine center in the heart of Encinitas, California. There are many biofeedback devices available on the market, including those that are significantly higher in cost. I have tested other devices which had little or no results. I chose this device because of the simplified software that includes detailed information that I can successfully deliver to my patients along with unparalleled results. One significant feature of the RegenU3 device is that it is able to identify hidden symptoms that only the patient knows about. Currently there is no product which can detect parasitic and stealth pathogen load in the body, except for this device. Dr. Olga has been helpful with assisting setting up and using RegenU3 properly. With the addition of this machine in my practice, I have successfully treated various symptoms, including adrenal insufficiency and endocrine imbalance. "

Dr. Anna Krasheninnikova, DAOM, LAc, MSTOM
Licensed Acupuncturist, Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine

"Having spent the last 40 years in complementary wellness and healthcare, I have seen many devices and techniques come and sometimes go. Truthfully, I have closets full of them. Technology has rapidly advanced during this time and has made many promises. The RegenU 3 is one of the few devices that has fulfilled those promises. It is effective, accurate, simple to use and surprisingly affordable. The device can be the center pole of a practice as well as work synergistically with other wholistic approaches. In my experience, it is satisfaction guaranteed. "

Garnet Dupuis
Complementary Health and Wellness Expert

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