Marianna ZimmermanN

ADVANCED Body worK and anti-aging procedures


A former dancer and long distance runner, Marianna is a native Hungarian, who studied health, wellness and youth enhancing therapies in Vienna, Europe. She has been practicing for over two decades and has become an expert in her field. With her knowledge and experience her age defying therapies are proving to be beyond successful. 

Marianna has established that pills and potions alone will not be as effective unless they are working alongside her unique face and body protocols. Working with her Quantum Rejuvenation approach she recognizes science is not to be underestimated, especially when it comes to working on the human body.

She works with electro-magnetic current, which stimulates healing and tissue repair, regenerates collagen and elasticity that feeds nutrients back to the cells as well as ozone, sound wave therapy, and other technologies to help her clients achieve the best results, naturally.