Ozonated Home Spa 


MIRACLe bath

an OZONE hydrotherapy spa

Nature and Technology in Harmony

Sebastian Kniepp, the "Father of Hydrotherapy", once said that with the correct combination of water and herbs, almost any illness could be treated. This Japanese-based device combines warmth, buoyancy, water pressure and ultrasonic wave energy, scientifically proven to be beneficial for health and well being. 

Bathing in ozone-filled warm water can expedite the elimination of dead skin cells, maintain smooth skin, soft skin, and improves the quality of both the bath water and the surrounding air. 

Miracle Bath Can Support with

  • Auto-immunity 
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Anti-aging
  • Hormone balancing
  • Improves Metabolic Rate
  • Lymphatic Cleansing 
  • Energy boosting 
  • Pain Management 
  • Body Contouring and Weight loss