Marianna is a force of nature! She has a special gift to energize and inspire you , lifting your spirit using her sense of humor and her magical hands. I love being treated by her She intuitively knows what’s missing in your body and she fixes it!
— Maya Fiennes
When I met Marianna, I had just made a doctor’s appointment to get Sculptra filler injections. I’ve never had anything like that before but I so depressed about my wrinkles I had to do something. I am unbelievably grateful to Marianna, because in 2 months she has restored my face to it’s former glory and it gets better with every treatment. I was with a friend over the weekend who is the same age as me and someone asked if we were mother and daughter. I felt bad for her but thrilled for myself. I am ecstatic to say, “NO FACE LIFT FOR ME.”
— Rita Obermeyer